Friday, January 18, 2008


First, thank you all for your love and prayers. It has been a rough couple of weeks. So far things are looking good, i probably won't have to have a d&c, which is great and a huge answer to prayer. However, my hormone levels aren't going down as fast as the doctors would like, so i have to go back in in two weeks for more blood. This just means that i still feel pregnant, so i have still been really tired, but hopefully that will be done with in two weeks. I start back at work on Monday, so Im hoping to find some energy somewhere, somehow. Sean and I are very blessed to have all of you in our life. Thank you for everything! Below are some pics from our christmas vacation, enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Katie, I've been praying for you and thinking of you. I was wondering if I could get your address... I'd like to send you a personal note... I know you're at the Hughes' but I don't know what their address is.

Love and Miss you.

Jennifer Leigh

Bethany said...

Hey Katie, I know you don't really know me much(but I have known Sean forever)...but I saw your comment on Jennifer's site and followed the link to see who it was. Oh I am so sorry. I know how you are feeling. I have lost two now. My pregnancy after the last one was touch and go for awhile to0 (I had a growth in my uterus so if Adelee my baby girl implanted near it I would have lost her too). I know it is so hard. It is okay to be sad and to cry. Take time and mourn. Go plant something. Seek God as your comfort. And most of all the best advice I could give to you is to never lose hope. If it might help you to read my thoughts walking through this you can check out my blog at....
if you go alllllll the way back in the archives to the beginning and under my trial category you will see my thoughts ups and downs and things I found encouraging. Hope they help you.

On a side note if you don't already own Beside Still Waters by Spurgeon I would highly recommend it.


-Bethany (Aaron's wife)

Ginger said...

We were just talking about you guys last night--Im glad to see an update. Well keep praying for you and Sean. Miss you a ton-

Judy said...

Hey Katie! I hope you're on the up & up soon... It was a rocky road after my miscarriage, lots of emotions... It took a pretty good amount of time for me to be able to even talk about it. Make sure you take the time to grieve. Don't push those feelings aside. I think that's a really important step in healing. Have hope my friend!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady, I love you and miss you! I think we should do it again tomorrow! I hope you are having a good first week at work. You are always in my prayers! Love you-kimmi

Jessica Rockey said...

Yeah... Ditto Bethany's suggestion of Beside Still Waters. I've found Spurgeons word so comforting and hopeful. I remember taking it to the hospital during my back surgeries and asking people to read it to me when they visited.

Spurgeon and a morphine drip... What more could you ask for?!?!