Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Move #4

So, we made our 4th move this year! Last April we moved from Norfolk to the Oceanfront, then in October, to Plano, then December to Celina(in with uncle Bob), and now to Frisco. Its just comical to me now. In 4 months, we have to do it again! we are only subletting the apartment until the end of August.

All that to say, its been a crazy week. On Thursday I decided to surprise Sean. While he was at work, I got our amazing friends to help me move all of our stuff out of storage into our NEW APARTMENT!!!!! yeah!!!!! So I told Sean that I would be cleaning the apartment and to just come there after work. He came home to and apartment filled with our stuff and some great friends

Dru and Erin, Paul, Marky, Ben-jo, Kylie, and Hosser! Dru was great! He ran the show and it went so smoothly and fast! Thanks guys, soooo much!

Sean was totally surprised, he said it was one of the best surprises ever! He has been working sooo hard for us. He is an amazing man, I'm glad i could successfully surprise and bless him!


Mrs. K. V. Battaglia said...

It's almost like you're in the military with all those moves :)

I'm sure Sean was REALLY blessed, what a great idea Katie!

Michelle said...

I'm sure Sean was so relieved that all that work was done for him. What a great surprise!!

Do we get to see pics of the new place??

Bekah said...

What a great surprise! And Im with Michelle...can we see pics? Love you!

Erin said...

Best date we ever had.

Gracitchka said...

so i can't wait to come and see you in the summer!! kimmie told me the sleeping arrangements....that's fine with me, as long as ben doesn't snore?? or i will go a litte crazy. hippies don't snore though, right?

Michelle said...

Hey Katie! Happy Birthday!


Ginger said...

Yes--happy birthdaY!! I hope you are having a good time. I love you friend--wish I could toast one with you. Remember pacifica?-that place was fun.
Anyway-thanks for rockin so cool and for your example of a wife and sister in Christ-love you!
-from all of us Perrons

Bekah said...

Happy Birthday Kates!

Judy said...

i can't wait to come visit in person... By the way, you left some oatmeal here. I ate it. It was soooooooo good. Loved it. Miss you. :( I am so lonely now.