Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not accepting calls...

(update from Sean: Our phones actually work again so disregard this part, I will leave it up, though, for your reading pleasure.)

So, our cell phones got turned off. I would love to accept your call, I just can't. In the words of Beka's friend, "I ain't got no gas money!" or cell phone money. So, you can call the wratten's house, we have a phone up in our apartment. Don't bother leaving a message, i won't get it. 421 3739. Or Sean's has a different cell # that you can call 718 0564. I'm usually home or with Sean.

A Quick update: I am now 14 weeks and praying, "dear God make my nausea finally go away!" So far, no answer! Twin 1 is measuring 15 weeks and twin 2 is at 14. (Both about the size of a medium apple.) I Don't know why, I guess twin 1 will be a fatty! That's ok with me, I love chubby babies. We are deciding on names, however Sean would like to keep them quiet. I don't like calling them twin 1 and twin 2, but i don't know what else to call them. My belly has really popped out, I think i just look like I've got a good jelly roll going though, I don't think anyone can tell that i am pregnant, yet. The doctor said that with two in there i am as big as a 22 week single pregnancy!

I was in Michigan this past week. I had a good time, my aunt Mary started chemotherapy while we were up there, please keep her in your prayers. My grandma turned 80! I got to meet little Brennen, my cousin's new baby. It was really good to see every one.


Katie Virginia Battaglia said...

ooops... it's 421 not 431 :)
I'm sorry you're still feeling the ick :/ I really hope I get to see you and your pregnant belly!

Erin said...

Maybe you should start using facebook. It's free! Ha ha. Sorry you're still feeling sick. It will go away. I think mine lasted 17-18 wks. Love ya!