Friday, October 5, 2007

pics of the house. (scroll down, I posted it backwards)


The Smith Family said...

I think your place looks adorable! Maybe some day I can see it in person!
I miss you so much and I'm praying for you.
I will write you soon.
Love ya,

Bekah said...

Kate, Cute house! At least you have pictures up already! We still have pictures on the floor waiting to be hung! Oh well!

Jessica Rockey said...

The house looks great for such a short time there. I love your artwork. David and I wanna collect original pieces, so we'd love to buy a painting!
We think of you and Sean every sunday as the offering basket passes. We wave our hands and whisper 'no-thanks' in a very non-chalant manner. So funny!
Love you both.

Katie Virginia said...

Looks great Katie. You've done an amazing job, no surprise, with what you have to work with.

amanda said...

Kates, your house looks so cozy. It reminds me of Salt Meadow. I wish it were just around the corner! We love you and miss you like crazy! Have you gotten tickets for Christmas yet?

Judy said...

Very nice. I like.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog. I miss you tons and I can't wait to I chat. We had fun with sean last night. Love, Kimmie and matty

Ginger said...


Anonymous said...

It's ok. I am sad too. Well, you are always in my prayers. Love you!

bEka said...

i miss you and sean. i was sad at our 20th church anniversary yall were in some pictures... i miss yall. your ;place looks great by the way. i talked to mrs shaw... i think she talked me into coming down to ole texas hold em, for a visit!

love you, been praying for you


Jennifer said...

Dear Katie,
I love your home. I wish I could come over and visit with you. It looks really cool and comfortable. How are you liking your job?

I hope when we move that our house would look semi-decent after a couple of months... we need to move by Nov. 30th... I'll show you pictures and then you'll think your place looks amazing! My place will probably be in boxes for a while!


Chad said...

Hi My Sweet Baby Girl

I finally got to see your blog. I love your little apartment, it reminds me of Saltmeadow Bay. Wish you were still there. We miss you so much. Can't wait for Christmas, talked with aunt Mary today. We are so looking forward to being with you at Christmas.
God Bless, Love mom