Saturday, October 11, 2008

Story of the Fridge


As I mentioned, Katie and I felt that God really wanted us to express our need and have faith for him to provide for us.

I updated my facebook and posted on here, and kept searching craigslist, which I had been doing every day. The problem was all the fridges were either several hundred dollars, or like 100 but really old and sketchy looking.
I saw one fridge that was $100 and sounded pretty nice from the description, I felt strongly like I should call on it and told the lady I would like to buy it (I did not have $100). I told her quickly our little story, and she offered to hold it for us while I tried to get a hold of the money and a truck to get it (in newport news, like an hour from our house).
The next day I called her and told her I was still trying to borrow the money, and would she mind holding it one more day, she said no problem, but called me right back to tell me that they (her and her husband) had talked it over, and that if we could pay them $50, they would sell it for that. Of course, I was really excited and thanked her and went to work trying to find an extra $50.
We were making calls from Katie's parents and had found a truck to use, Joe and Jenny's, but needed $50 still, which Chad handed us while I was on the computer. we have a truck and the money, so off we go with Mark Perron to pick it up (at like 10:30 at night).
We get there, and they husband, Reuben, was super-nice and we chatted with him and his wife Vanessa (also super nice). It turns out they were Christians and he is an English teacher in a public school there, and they were fixing up their house because they had just gotten married 6 weeks ago.
I gave him the money and thanked them over and over for holding it for us and we loaded it up.
Katie and Mark hopped into the truck and Reuben walked me over to my door, but before I got there he pulled the $50 out and handed it back to me.
He said that they had prayed that day, and felt like God wanted them to just give us the fridge. Of course, I argued and asked him to take the $50, and they were already being extremely generous, etc... But, he refused and asked us to please accept it and just be blessed. Pretty cool, huh?
Then, he gives me 5 extra dollars, and I'm like "OK, this is ridiculous. There is no way you shpould give me money on top of a free fridge." But then he told me that at his church two weeks ago, the pastor had passed around the offering plate, but in it was some of the church's benelovence fund. He wanted everyone to take some out and pray to ask the Lord who they should give it to. They took it and had been sitting on it, waiting. Then we show up, and they wanted us to have it. Is that crazy, or what?
It is funny because, Katie and I are blown away when this type of thing happens, but it doesn't really suprise us anymore because it just happens so regularly. God really does take care of us like the flowers of the field. He provides.
Anyway, that's it. A free fridge. Cool.


hosanna said...

what an awesome story of God's care for you and Katie!!! Love it!

Katie Virginia Battaglia said...

i'm so glad!

Jessica Rockey said...

So great guys! It's funny how God provides... we forget and start to worry... God provides...
Lot's of wonderful things happening in the Life of Thomas'....

The Dowling Clan said...

What a great story - Thanks for taking the time to share God's faithfulness!!