Thursday, February 12, 2009


"Peony" Acrylic on Canvas 5x7

Here is something I just finished, I thought I would post it as a break from the baby stuff.

It has been nice to have time to paint. I'm hoping to finish a few more before the boys come.

I made it for Andrea Wallis, since she has been such a big help through the pregnancy, and peonies are one of her favorite flowers.


Bekah said...

Its beautiful! Gosh, I wish I had painting skills like you do! Love it!

Lizzy said...

omygosh...katie...i will PAY you to make one for my home JUST like that one!! seriously! i LOVE it!!!!

Nelly said...

Katie, you inspire me so much!! you do not even know! Jord and I love love love love love the painting! it looks like a photograph! and that was so thoughtful of you to paint it for Andrea!!
love you and thanks again for the was so timely!

Sara said...

can i hire you???

AmyB said...

Katie, AMAZING!!! So beautiful! Love you friend!

Abby said...

Katie! this is abby barr--blast from the past! I found your blog via Abbey Crabb's... anyways. YAY you are still painting and it's beautiful. i am jealous. i need to make more time to draw/paint. also i love the quilt and can't believe you're having twins! i'm nannying for a missionary family with 4 kids, including twin girls age 2. twins are crazy but a lot of fun!!! congrats and God bless!

. said...

Abby Barr-
Thanks for the comment! Are you in area still? Some people that i know have started an art group that meets 1ce a month,(lisa wright usually comes and you would probably know a few others) just to chat, critique, encourage, etc. If you are around we would love to have you! Email me if you are intersted.