Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quilts and an update

Here are a couple pics of the quilts I have been working on for our boys, Ben and Liam. This is just the one, I'm not finished with the other, they pretty much look the same though. It was my first sewing project, so it's a little rough, but I'm finished! Sean didn't think that i would finish a project like this. He knows me too well and knows that i get really frustrated and eventually reach the point where i quit out of anger. It's true, I did get very frustrated with it but i was determined. I'm kinda going for a flea market look with miss matched colors, so i guess the fact that its not perfect fits the theme, or at least I'll tell myself that!

Here we are, all three of us in one! I'm 29 weeks. We had a little scare this week, the short version is, we thought I was maybe going into labor, so the Doctor put me on a 3 day bed rest and said from here on out lay low. No more walks or activities. We are really thankful that the orders weren't bed rest till they come. We have 3 more weeks until I can deliver safely. We hope they don't come that soon, but that's when we are in the clear. I've been having a LOT of braxton hicks, The Doctor is a little concerned because they shouldn't be so frequent. They aren't painful just getting annoying and a little uncomfortable. My belly is already huge, its worse when its rock hard too! We took the suggestion of taking Magnesium phosphate, 8 a day, and it has really helped.
Thank You Andrea, Jenny, Arlyn, Julie, Sandy Hunt, Nancy Snader for your meals and treats! And Barb for checking in on me! I'm grateful to have so many people that want to take care of me! Love you all!


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, the quilt! I love it...way to go. Sewing projects ARE frustrating.

You look great. Can't believe you're at 29 weeks already. I'll be praying those babies hold out awhile longer. And do call me... Been thinking about you too!

abbey said...

love the quilt Katie! I'm impressed. that's quite an undertaking! glad you and the boys are doing ok...I will pray that they hold out a while longer.

amanda said...

You look great! I wish I were there. I miss you. You did a great job with the quilts. Can't wait to see my little nephews!
love you!

Bekah said...

Kate! Those quilts are awesome! Good job friend! Praying for you and the you!

Krysta and Jan-Michael said...

Hi Katie! Congrats to you and Sean!! What a blessing to get two babies at once =) Aunt Carrol sent us pictures and updates with your blog address. Yay, I'm so happy somebody in our family blogs too! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We can't wait to see pictures of your two healthy baby boys!
P.S. Beautiful quilt!