Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan and Ryan

Today is my nephew Ryan's 10th birthday! It would have been my brother Ryan's 33rd birthday. Here are some pics of them.
Ryan Kristopher

The Ryans 29 and 6

Little Ry and me on his 6th birthday

Me and Ry

Me and Ryan again

Ryan is 9 years older than me.

All us kids with mom

Matt, Me, Ryan and Kris with the awesome shades on!

Ryan was a cuttie pie

Ryan with Dad and Kris

Ryan, I miss you lots. I wish so badly that my boys could have known their uncle Ryan. I know that they would love you so much. I wish that i could see your face today and tell you happy birthday, maybe give you a spoon full of cool whip!
Little Ry, I miss you too! Atlanta is too far away! I wish i could give you a big hug today. You are getting so old. You are such a great older brother and a big help to your mom. You have a sweet heart and I love spending time with you. Thanks for sending me letters and talking on the phone. I can't wait for my boys to meet you. Ben and Liam are going to have so much fun with you and i know that they will look up to their cousin Ryan!
I love you both!


Katherine M. said...

Katie, Very Moving. Love you!

Mindi said...

WOW Katie, you look just like your mom in that picture... have blessed day friend.

amanda said...

I'm all choked up. Thanks for the post!

Ryan says, "Love you and miss you aunt Katie"

Erin said...

How sweet...I love the old pics! Jealous my mom got to see you this week...she says you and the boys are lookin' good!

Jessica Rockey said...

Thanks for sharing the memories and pictures... so sweet.