Monday, June 29, 2009

I heart Mamo!

All ready to pick up Mamo from the air port!

Meeting Mamo for the 1st time!

Our little family- Liam's not too happy!
(at Lizzy's wedding)
Me and My Liam

"Leemee" smiling

"Benner" Smiling

The boys new pj's from Auntie Amanda

The boys are just starting to respond to us with smiles! We love it!

Carrol (Sean's mom, the boy's "mamo"), was here for a whole 10days! we loved having her and were so glad for the boys to get loved on by her. June flew by fast! The boys will be 3 months old on Tuesday, the 30th! Also, my hubby will be 30!!! I can't believe it.
 Sorry, Love, but 30 just sounds so old! 

We are moving out of my parents' place on wed, the 1st. We are renting our friends' condo. It is only about a mile from my parents place, still close to everything. We are pretty excited to have some room! Sean's little brother Paul will be living with us. We are excited to have him!
That's all for now. More to come...


Katie Virginia Battaglia said...

they are getting so big Kates!! They'll be 4 months by the time i see them next!!!

Lizzy said...

I loooove the last pic! It's obvious even from this age that they are going to best buds! =)

Krysta and Jan-Michael said...

Awe! The picture of Aunt Carrol meeting the boys is just darling =)