Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation Pictures and an Update! (scrolll through the pics for the update at the end!)

Matt, Dad and Uncle Joe out golfing

Liam and Cai

Anderson and Ben

Aunt Jeannie and Mom

Great Aunt Jeannie and Liam

Ry and Cai

Anderson and Trevor feeding the boys

Caius feeding Ben

Grandma and Liam at the pool

Matt and Dad on our dolphin watch at sunset aboard the Vagabond

Amanda, Kris, Mom and Dad

Matt with Anderson and Cai

T, Ry and Sean

We saw tons of dolphins!

Our little family

Kris and his boys

Dad and Mom

Sunrise and sea shell hunt

Ryan and Trevor on the living oak tree

My Benner!

Hanging out at the Salty Dog Cafe! All you can eat crab legs! yumm!

Trevor out golfing


The Alligator!

Leemer after his bath

Benner after his bath

Ben and Liam in the bed at the Mariot in Charleston

Laughing at Daddy's funny faces

the sights of Charleston

We are all back from vacation! We had a wonderful time in Hilton Head! It was Sean and I, Ben and Liam, Kris, Amanda, Ryan, Trevor, Anderson and Cai, Matt, and Mom and Dad. We stayed in a condo a short bike ride from the beach. My Dad did so well, we had a lot of fun with him and he was even able to play golf 2ce! The lord really answered our prayers! He did better than he has since all of this happened. I am so grateful for that time with him! Please pray for my Dad as he started radiation today (9-14). He will go in everyday for 6 weeks to get the radiation and they will add chemo soon. Its going to be a rough road, he will most likely be pretty sick and loose all his hair, he's says who cares, he doesn't have much left anyway! My brother Kris starts his new job today. Amanda is up in Michigan with her boys for a couple weeks until the house here is ready for all of them. Looks like they will be able to move in the last weekend of September. We are so glad that they decided to move back! It will be so good to have the family all together again. Sean and I took a little one day vacation on our own. We drove through Charleston, SC on our way home from Hilton Head. It was great! The boys did great most of the vacation. They are really changing, Liam is really ticklish now and is giggling, Ben is laughing and really scooting around. It is such a fun stage!


Ev said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time with your family. The boys are growing so much! We're excited to see you all soon! I'm glad your dad had a good time, too. We're continuing to pray for him. We love you all!

Rebekah Judd said...

I love the picture of the boys in the Charleston bed!! So cute.

Jessica Rockey said...

Great Pictures Katie... thanks for the update also. I always want to ask how your dad's doing, but don't want to be a 'debbie downer'... wah wah.
Seriously, you are in my prayers daily. I'm so excited about your new c.g. leader status... y'all will be great.

Krysta and Jan-Michael said...

I love the photos of the boys on the hotel bed! They just look so happy and adorable!

Katie Virginia Battaglia said...

love you guys! you all took so many great pictures. thanks for sharing them!

Tyler and Grace said...

The pictures are great! I have been praying for your family.

I love the picture of amanda holding liam and you are holding ben. Liam looks like such a little chubbster!!