Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Fourteenth

A few people have asked for an update, here is a short one.

Sean and I were able to go to my parents house to sit with my dad today. I was over on Tuesday, and it was difficult. When I left and told him, goodbye, he mumbled some gibberish, but had been able to talk earlier that morning. This has been the way he was yesterday and today. It seams to have taken a big step downward. He can answer a simple yes or no question, but not a whole lot more. He has been sleeping most of the day and will wake up to look at you, or say something. His appetite is diminishing and he has a cough that is bothersome to him. He doesn't have the strength to cough anything up and when I asked him if it hurt, he answered yes.

My mom has a nurse coming every morning to help my with my dad, that has been a huge help to her. The nurse said that with the symptoms my dad has, it looks like it will be 2 weeks to a month. The house has been filled with friends and family stopping by to clean dishes or read a scripture. We are grateful for the love and care around us.
The Lord is faithful to give us our daily bread, meeting us each day with exactly what we need to make it through. Resting in that and taking it all in stride is where we are.

Last week, when he was able to talk a little more, I read to him a section from The Weight of Glory, by C.S. Lewis. It talked about heaven and how it will blow the nature around us away. He says that this is only the "first sketch" and that we will be apart of a nature more beautiful that we can imagine. I talked to my dad about it a little. He has always been one to appreciate natures glory and splendor. When i read and asked if he is excited to go and see these wonders in heaven, He told me that he is . When i asked him if he is afraid, he answered, "No. I really want to see it." We talked a little about Alaska and how much He loved being there . He told me that he would really like to take me there and maybe we could go together, and how much he enjoyed the landscape and beauty there. We talked about how heaven's landscape will be even more vibrant and full and real that what he saw there. My Dad is on the precipice of experiencing this. He is so close that there is almost a felt holiness around him. I am grateful to God for the peace that he has given.

Please continue in prayer, they are much appreciated.


Ginger said...

Thanks for the update, Kate. Mark and I have been thinking about you guys. I will keep praying and praising God for the peace He has given. I love what you said about a faint holiness about him. It is a gift to see that.
Thank you for loving your dad so well and being diligent spend time with him. It must take a lot considering many things, but also because you have the little ones. I am happy to hear about your hope and it's strange, but I am excited that your dad gets to experience that hope we pray for here. I love you. I will keep praying.

Emsamum said...

Sweet Katie, I know even in these moments while he is here, that you are homesick for your dad. For his wholeness, and his presence and sometimes that is harder than when they are gone. Seeing the shell around what used to be and the detereroiation can be heart breaking. I am praying for you dear girl and for your family. You will never be "ready" to say goodbye but know that the God of all comfort will sustain you in peace and strength in the moments when the rest of us fail even as hard as we try. I love you.

Jessica Rockey said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how you guys are doing and praying for you and your family... but don't want to burden you with txt mes. and questions. Anyway, you are on my heart. Much love...

Erin said...

Praying, Katie. Love you.

Gary said...

Please let your mom and dad know they are in our prayers. We were friends a long time ago.......and had no idea that your dad is so sick. Please send our love!! Gary & Mickey Rexford

Tyler Barstow said...

Hey Katie. thanks for the update. I'm praying for you all.

I heard this song the other day and I thought of you and Sean and your parents so I thought I'd pass it along.

Love you guys.