Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mr. Independent

This boy! If Ben thinks of something that he would like. He helps himself! (Very unlike his brother, who I am sure would have stood at the table screaming until someone figured out that he wanted an apple!) We didn't even notice he was gone until I walked into the kitchen to find him munching away! I love his little independent spirit! Happy that he craves apples and bananas and not chocolate or paint thinner or something crazy!

Earlier today, Ben found a wide strip of cardbaord and sat down to figure something out about it. I watched him inspect it closely, then he folded it in half. Stared at it and then exclaimed, "OH!!" and 'opened' it up and placed it on his ear and said, "hello!" He continued to do this most of the morning! He made him self a flip phone!

I love my boys so much and I especially love how different they are! 2 very cute, very different little goobers, for the price of one! Grateful God gave us twins!

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